Your guide to road risk management

ROM Your guide to road risk management

Egypt Road Safety

According to (WHO) Every year around 14,500 Egyptians lose their lives as a result of a road traffic accident. Thousands are non-fatally injured with some resulting long-term disability. Unless addressed Urgently, road traffic collisions will continue to increase to become one of the top leading causes of death by 2030 .


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Why Road Risk Managment ??

The successful businesses of today use risk management as an essential ingredient in maintaining standards and meeting objectives: -No life Should be Wasted On Road Accident -Proper Measures Can Reduce Road Accident -Because The Single Accident can Ruin The brand image of an organization .

What is a Road Risk Managment ??

Road Risk assessment is a systematic process for checking the road safety implications of highway improvements and new road. The sole objective of the process is to Prevent and minimize future road accident occurrence and severity .

Advantages in Implementing Road Risk Managment .

-Reduction of acutal or Potential Accidents 

- Achieving Company Compliance with the legal Frame work of road Safety  .

- Reduced Running Costs such as fuel consumption and vehicle mainteanace through better driving standars 
- Avoiding additional insurance and Legal Claims by third party . 
- Reduced Risk of work - related ill health 
- Reduced stress and improved morale/job satsfaction


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